Using the Stories in Nursing Education, Organizing, and Advocacy

Meet the Committee

The Reckoning with Racism in Nursing Committee brings together a collection of long time colleagues, friends, and allies from diverse institutions and fields.

Lucinda Canty

Dr. Lucinda Canty was born and raised in Connecticut. Dr. Canty’s work is fueled by the synergy between science and creativity, justice, and healing, in order to envision a more equitable future where nurses and new mothers are able to thrive.

Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning, MSN, RN, is a nurse devoted to public service, with a nursing career in roles within the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, on professional boards, as a faculty member for several academic nursing programs, and through her service in the U.S. Army. She has been characterized by her nursing colleagues as a strong leader, visionary nurse, mentor, coach, and guide.

Gayle Robinson

Dr. Gayle Robinson is an assistant professor at Seattle U College of Nursing. In her role as a nurse educator in the College of Nursing, she demonstrates the use of PPE in the different settings nurses will be working in to break the cycle of infection transmission. Gayle has been involved in community work in Seattle for over 30 years.

Sue Hagedron

Dr. Sue Hagedorn is a nurse practitioner and educator whose career has been dedicated to social justice as a nurse educator, practitioner, philanthropist, filmmaker, and activist. She has practiced and taught psychiatric, pediatric, and public health nursing, as well as pediatric and women’s health nurse practitioners.

Melissa Mokel

Dr. Melissa Mokel is an associate professor of nursing at University of Saint Joseph and teaches across the curriculum. She studies cultural competency, health beliefs, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her scholarship aims at improving the quality of healthcare and addressing health disparities.

Raeann LeBlanc

Dr. Raeann LeBlanc holds a PhD in Nursing and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice in Public Health Nurse Leadership. She uses a Storied Justice model to advance clinical education, practice, and research, advancing the use of narrative approaches in health, healing, and compassionate health care.

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