Using the Stories in Nursing Education, Organizing, and Advocacy

Thematic Explorations

Find below some examples of topic-specific documentaries that include the perspectives of numerous project participants. Please note these stories contain actual experiences of trauma and racism and may stir up difficult feelings.

Some suggested uses for these stories include educating colleagues and peers in your professional work, nursing education, or in diversity, equity and inclusion meetings and discussions.


Nursing educators not only make recommendations for change, they also discuss how a lack of diversity impacts nursing education and research.

Medical Change Agents

Clinical nurses and nurses in public practice discuss the importance of BILPOC representation and why representation is important to the delivery of equitable healthcare.

The Only One

Nurses of color talk about the “weight of extra scrutiny” being the only nurse of color in the workplace, mentors who inspire and how steps toward inclusion benefit everyone.

Where Are You From?

Nurses not only recall how cultural racism impacts nursing education, practice and the delivery of patient care. They also provide solutions for a more culturally inclusive healthcare system.

Racism in Nursing Education – Undergrad

Reflections on the racist experiences in nursing education, and the challenges that nursing students of color face.

Caring Against the Grain

A poignant discussion on how racism affects patient care, and the lack of accountability within the most trusted profession.

Patient Race Bias

Examples of patient-initiated racism towards nurses of color, and the steps institutions must take to protect nurses of color.

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